Lloyd Center Show 2017

As part of our display at Rose City Comic Con in 2016, PortLUG worked with a local event firm called Red Shoe Productions to sponsor a kids play zone at the Con. We had a great time working with Red Shoe, and the feeling must have been mutual because they reached out to PortLUG to work with them again, this time for an engaging event at a local mall!

PortLUG members gathered at Lloyd Center on July 15th for a one day special event highlighting all aspects of creativity with Lego.  We set up across a large space in the mall, with 6 separate display areas where 16 members displayed their creations including Town and Train, Technic, Creator, Pop Culture, builds of local attractions, remote controlled robots and other items. So many builds kept showing up that we had to ask the mall for more tables on more than one occasion!



We also had 2 play stations for kids of all ages to dig into piles of Lego and build something – LUG members spent time at the tables engaging with the builders, offering tips or assistance when needed.  In addition we had a special Lego Minecraft Photo Booth where folks were able to pose with Pig and Creeper and take away a picture to remember the day.  Red Shoe Productions kept the mood fun and exciting by playing music, and doing Lego related trivia and games where participants could win prizes.

In the end, both Red Shoe Productions and The Lloyd Center Mall thought it was a huge success – they estimated that a few thousand attendees walked through during the mid-day event – and would love to have PortLUG back in the future!