PortLUG Officers

While we try to keep PortLUG as casual and unstructured as we can, we do have officers to keep PortLUG operating, efficient, and organized. Even so, PortLUG is lead by our members – no one individual is in charge! The officers keep the group organized, but the members are the driving force of PortLUG. We are able to pull off all of the amazing events that we do thanks to our active and engaged group of AFOLs.



The Ambassador is the single point of contact between The LEGO Group and PortLUG. They are responsible for ensuring all formal requirements related to annual reporting, support, etc. are met, and actively participates in both PortLUG and the Lego Ambassador Network.



The Chairperson is responsible for running PortLUG’s communications and monthly meetings, as well as coordinating monthly meeting activities. They ensure that LUG meetings are productive and enjoyable!



The Secretary is responsible for taking notes at the meetings, including a list of attendees. They are also responsible for sending out a summary (or “meeting minutes”) after each meeting.



The Social Media officer is responsible for maintaining PortLUG’s online platforms. They ensure that the LUG’s website, Facebook, Instagram, etc. have relevant and updated information for our members.



The treasurer is responsible for managing the finances of PortLUG.* They will put out an annual report to update members on the balance and expenditures of the LUG.


*Note on funding: We do not collect membership dues, but we generate a small amount of money through raffles to fund operational expenses such as creating banners for events, and hosting for our website.