Meetings: What to Expect

Wondering what to expect? Why we get together each month? What you’ll get out of it, and what to bring?

The specifics vary each month, but meetings usually include the following activities, usually in this order.

Can’t stay for the whole meeting? That’s ok, come for as long as you’re able! We’re a casual club, and we’re here to share our love of LEGO – you’re not obligated to participate in each or all of these activities, though we think you’ll have more fun if you do.

01: Socialization

The main purpose of any LEGO User Group is to connect with other AFOLs! The first 30 mins to an hour of each meeting are generally time for folks to trickle in, catch up with others, and set up their MOCs for Show & Tell or the Build Challenge. Because this is informal and unstructured, we’ll note the start time of the official business in our event information (mailing list & Facebook), so you know what time the meeting will be starting if you skip this part; (e.g. “Meeting 1 – 5, Official business @ 2”)

02: Official Business

Each month we have some official business – this can be updates on a recent or upcoming event, news from our official LEGO ambassador, votes on club roles, etc. This section is led by the club’s moderator, and lasts anywhere from 15 – 45 minutes, depending on the agenda for the month. We try to have an agenda ahead of time, and have a member who takes notes & shares them for any members who missed the meeting.

03: Show & Tell

Members bring their latest builds (“MOC”s) to show off – all themes and sizes are welcome (though consider the feasibility for transport, setup, and display if you’re thinking of bringing a large or complicated MOC). Each builder will have a minute or two to talk about their MOC – what it is, what inspired them, if they’re looking for feedback, etc — whatever they’d like to share!

04: Build Challenge

To keep our creativity flowing, PortLUG has started to have a small build challenge each month! We’ll announce the theme at the preceding meeting (so if this is your first meeting, you’ll have to find the details on the mailing list or Facebook page, or sit the first one out). This is meant to be small & easy, and attendees will vote on their favorite build for each challenge… there might even be a prize for the winner.

05: Draft

Are you looking to boost your parts stash? A draft is a great way to do this! The draft set will be included information in our meeting details (mailing list or Facebook page), and everyone who wants to participate should bring a new, unopened copy of the set (more than 1 copy is also allowed, for multiple entries).

All sets are then sorted into individual elements, with each type of piece going into a different bin – for example, all red 2×4 bricks in 1 bin, all yellow 1×2 plates in another bin. Each participant who brought a copy of the set draws a number (this is generally done with a randomizer app), and then draws a bin in order (1 = first to draw, 2 = second to draw, etc). We go through all numbers, forward and reverse, until all the bins are gone. If you bring two copies, you get two entries (for example, you could draw a 1 and a 5, and get two selections per round).

The result is that instead of getting the 1 or 2 red 2×4 bricks that come in one set, you will get 10 or 20. It is a fun and useful way to get multiple copies of the pieces that you want, at an affordable price. We generally do a draft at every meeting!