Membership: How to Join

Interested in joining PortLUG?
Join the mailing list and come to a meeting! That’s all it takes.

Follow our Facebook page to get updates on meetings, shows, and other PortLUG events.

Can anyone join?
We are open to adults (18+) of all ages! As PortLUG is a club for adult fans of LEGO, minors are welcome to attend meetings, but they must come with a parent or guardian who is a participating member of PortLUG.  This is to avoid the club becoming responsible for someone else’s children, and also to prevent us from becoming a childcare service. Parents may also allow their kids access to the mailing list on an account they both use, or both have access to.

If parents do allow their kids to attend meetings with them or to access the mailing list, they should bear in mind that PortLUG is first and foremost intended as a club for adults. While the group is always respectful and welcoming, we do not necessarily censor adult language or themes that parents may find inappropriate for their children.

Parents looking for activities aimed specifically at kids can check out LEGO Life online.  You can also check the events calendar at the Tigard LEGO Store, which has activities and events every month geared towards younger fans.