About PortLUG & FAQ

What is PortLUG?
PortLUG is a club for Adult Fans Of LEGO® (AFOLs).  PortLUG stands for Portland LEGO User Group.

How big is PortLUG?
PortLUG has over two hundred and fifty members on the mailing list, the majority of whom live in the Greater Portland Area. Our meetings generally see 30-50 attendees, with many more who are otherwise active in PortLUG & events, but are unable to attend meetings regularly.

What do I have to do to become a member?
To find out more about joining PortLUG, please visit our Membership page.

Who is in charge of PortLUG?
We all are! PortLUG is a casual group, and while there are officers with certain responsibilities to see that things get done, anyone can bring ideas to the table and we decide and vote as a group. Your level of participation is totally up to you.

What kind of LEGO should I build and bring?
You don’t need to bring LEGO to every meeting, but we encourage members to bring their latest MOCs for show & tell, and perhaps even an entry into our monthly build challenge! See our Meetings page for more information about what LEGO to bring.

Do I have to come to the meetings?
You are not required to attend meetings, but we encourage everyone to come when they can. The purpose of PortLUG is to provide a connection for adult builders, and we have several activities at each meeting to facilitate this. We understand that not everyone will be able to attend meetings, however, so members are always able to stay connected via our mailing list and updated via our Facebook page.

When and where do you meet?
We meet on the second Saturday of each month, except when the meeting conflicts with major holidays or events. Meeting locations vary each month, so look to the mailing list and our Facebook page to find out more about when and where the next meeting will take place.

What are the Rules of PortLUG?

We have a few simple rules.

  1. As stated above, members must be adults.
  2. Also, we are not a business club and so while it’s perfectly fine to post that you have something LEGO related for sale, please instruct interested parties to contact you directly rather than hash out details on the mailing list. We don’t want to miss any deals, but we also don’t want to become just a marketplace for bricks. If you’re a business owner, by all means let us know when you’re having a LEGO sale.
  3. Posts advertising non LEGO related businesses are prohibited. Do not give out member’s emails or information to other businesses or charities without their express individual permission. This doesn’t mean that you can’t mention that you’re a contractor, or restaurant owner, just that the PortLUG mailing list should not be used as a source of advertising.
  4. Do not solicit the list for monetary donations to charities without either bringing it up at a meeting first, or asking the admins about it if time is critical, or you’re unable to attend a meeting. Discussion of LEGO related charities, such as Creation for Charity, are allowed. The group is usually very flexible about such things, but it’s always better bring it up in person first.
  5. It seems silly to say, but questionable and/or illegal activities are against club rules… What this mainly refers to is please don’t use PortLUG as a place to profit from employee discounts and that sort of thing.
  6. The most important rule is the easiest one: Be Respectful of others. It’s that simple. Be polite, and have fun!

What if I have a charity that could benefit from PortLUG?

PortLUG has occasionally put on LEGO displays to raise money for local schools or organizations. If you have a cause that you think could benefit from PortLUG’s involvement you are always encourage to share your ideas. As is the case with many PortLUG activities, the person who comes up with the idea, is usually the person appointed to organize such events.

What is a draft/draft set?

A draft is a great way to build your parts supply! See our Meetings page for more information on what to expect at a draft.

Do I have to live in or near Portland?

Absolutely not! Though most of our members are local, some live an hour or more outside of town, and a few live much much further. Most of the benefits of the LUG come from the personal interaction of meetings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun trading ideas on the mailing list and making new friends in the AFOL community!

What is your affiliation with GNLR? Bricks Cascade?

PortLUG, GNLR, and BricksCascade are all LEGO related, and all in the Portland area, however they are not officially affiliated.

GNLR, or Great Northern LEGO Railroaders is a separate, more specialized club that focuses on LEGO trains. Several PortLUG members are also members of GNLR

Bricks Cascade is a non-profit organization that puts on an annual LEGO convention & exposition here in Portland.  Bricks Cascade is a separate entity from PortLUG, however the majority of workers and volunteers are also members of PortLUG.

If you’re interested in attending Bricks Cascade, or volunteering for the convention, you can find out more on the PortLUG mailing list,  at our meetings, or check the Bricks Cascade webpage.

Can I belong to other LUGs and be a member of PortLUG?

Absolutely! We have members who also belong to other LUGs including BayLUG, GNLR, and our neighbors at SeaLUG, as well as others further out. We’re not here to compete, or exclude anyone. We are here to make as many LEGO friends as we can!

How is PortLUG related to The LEGO Group?

LEGO®is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

That said, PortLUG does have a very good relationship with LEGO.  We maintain contact with The LEGO Group, and work with them regularly to help enrich the fan community, and to ensure that all Trademarks and Copyrights belonging to LEGO are understood and observed.  In turn, the LEGO Group has been been very supportive of PortLUG since it’s inception, and continues to be an active part of the PortLUG family.